Stone Floor Restoration.

Remove scratches or acid etching,
cracks and holes repaired or a complete resurfacing with
our stone floor restoration.




Stone Floor Restoration by Rocura.

Stone floor restoration can take many forms and often when clients call thinking that a clean is all that will be required there ends up being an element of restoration involved as well or instead.

One of the reasons natural stone can last so long is that you can restore it by removing a very small amount of it from the surface (microns at a time) giving it a brand new appearance. We do this often if floors are acid etched or very lightly scratched.

In the case of badly scratched floors a deeper grind to resurface the stone can be necessary and this is where the premium equipment and diamond abrasives come into play.

Holes can be filled and cracked repaired as part of a restoration or as a separate job in itself.

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