Limestone Floor.





Limestone Floor.

Limestone is a softer stone than marble and is very versatile; looking great with either a honed (matt) finish, a soft satin shine or highly polished.

Over time your limestone floor can becom. The dullness is often caused by microscopic scratches on the surface of the limestone where it has been walked on. This will make its appearance deteriorate and we can bring it back to its former glory.

Other times it may be caused by acid etching. This is where the top layer of your natural stone has been slightly dissolved by something acidic such as orange juice or coffee.

When limestone is polished diamonds are used on your floor to gradually reduce the surface tension and remove all of the tiny scratches and it is this that gives the high shine which you maybe looking for.

If you are looking for a honed finish then the diamonds would only be used up to a certain grit. This means that the floor is resurfaced, cleaned and small scratches and etches removed but not closed up so much that it shines.

If your floor has been laid and the tiles are not quite even then the floor may require resurfacing to remove “lippage”. This is an involved process but the results are stunning: the floor will have the appearance of being a single piece of stone where the tiles have been bought to he same level as the grout lines. As a result future cleaning is also much easier as soiling doesn’t get stuck in the grout lines.

If your limestone has chipped or cracked we can repair this using a high quality epoxy which will be colour matched for you. Sometimes your floor may just be dirty and in need of a clean. We can clean the stone itself and also the grout and follow up with a sealer which can make following maintenance easier for you.

Exactly which process is used will be determined by several factors which will be discussed with you on your first enquiry and then further on our site visit and inspection.

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